Learning at Home

This week is Maths Week 

23rd November

We are doing lots of number actvities  this week in nursery 

Here are some ideas of what you can do whilst you are at home. 

Why don't you make a number game at home? 

Here is a game Nusrat made to help with counting. You only need some paper cups , paper and a pen. 



This week its Road Safety Week and we are learning about Road Safety in the Nursery . 

16th November



What shall we do this week? 







Sing some Nursery Rhymes

Play musical statues

Play eye spy out of the window

Have a dance!

Do a word hunt

Make lunch together

Do a number hunt

Make an indoor obstacle course

Make puppets for your nursery rhymes

Play matching halves

Sort the clean washing

Make a shopping list

Draw your day

Make a cosy den

Make up a story



Here is Sarah reading you a book called Dig Dig Digging. Can you join in ? Which machines do you see when you walk down the street or through your window? 

Some of you can see the bus station from your window !

Can you join in with the words and make up some of your own ? 

Why Traffic Light Colors Are Red, Yellow, and Green - Thrillist

Why dont you play The Traffic Light Game. This is a great way to develop listening skills as well as getting rid of some energy.  Red for stop and Green for go ...for older children you could add Orange ( or amber ) which could  be running on the spot. Have fun... look at the clip below for some more ideas. 




Make a Road 

You can make a road using an old cardboard box and teach your teddies to cross the road.

Watch Caroline teach her teddies Kanga and Roo to cross the road. 


This week we are  learning about Diwali in the nursery .

9th November 

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights. Click on the link below and learn how one little girl and her family prepare and celebrate this festival 


Firework Clipart Download - Clip Art Fireworks Transparent PNG - 817x829 -  Free Download on NicePNG

Make a Shape Rocket 

At Diwali there are lots of fireworks. Why dont you make a firework rocket with your child.

All you need is paper, pencils and scissors ( if you use card from an old cereal box the shapes will last!)  Have a look below for some ideas. They can move around the shapes to make lots of different pictures. 

What are they learning ?

Using shapes to make a picture is a great way to help children learn about shape. Encourage them to point at shapes and look at different sizes . Which shapes are the same which are different ? Encourage them to talk about whether the the shapes are round or straight , where are the corners ...and so on. Older children can start to name the shapes as well. 

This Week's Book 

2nd November 

In nursery we are reading one of our favourite books "Owl Babies" It always makes us think of Autumn as it gets darker so much earlier. It helps the children learn about being left whilst you go to the shops or they come to nursery. Why don't you click on the link below and listen to the story and talk about it to your child.

Activities to do this week...

Owl Baby Puppets

Would you like to make Owl baby puppets?  Puppets are  great way to develop childrens speech and language  as they retell stories and make up their own. 

Watch Caroline show you how to make them. 


Autumn Walk. 

This is a lovely time of year to be visiting the park and looking at the trees and plants.  How many different colours can your child see as they look around?  Talk to your child about the parts of a tree; the branches the trunk and the leaves. Why dont you collect some leaves and twigs to bring home. 

You can make some pictures using what you find. 

Look at what we made !


Make a Dark Den.

Making dens is always a fun thing to do at home. All you need is a blanket , a couple of chairs or a table.  Its a great way to learn about the dark. What is it like in there? I wonder why  it is different ? Can you use a torch and look at the inside of your den ?  Maybe you could share a book with a favourite toy.

Curly Caths Tree Dance  

At Newtown Nursery School we love to Dance.  Dancing is so good for you, not only does it use up some energy, it also can improve your health in other ways. You might think that rhythm is something you just feel or enjoy, but like with music, it improves your cognitive reasoning, which in turn strengthens your brain!   It also helps you stay relaxed, and improves your mental health.   

Can you dance like a tree in the wind ?

Click on the link below.

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