Learning at Home

Get creative with your arts council box:

💡Look at the amazing art boxes. you have been given There is one for all of the children at Newtown nursery . Just call in at the nursery between 12 and 3 and we will give you yours.  [

There are lots of creative things you can do with your art boxes.

Here are some “top tips” from my experience of using water colour paints so that you set your little one up for a great experience!

  1. Have water to wash the brushes and a dabbing cloth ( small piece of dish cloth ) .. if they can learn what to do it will help them keep the colours bright !
  2. Use a tray ( a baking tray will do ) Put the paints , water and paper on the tray so that any accidental spillages don’t cause a mess !
  3. Cut the paper in half ..that way they can do lots of exploring the paint without wasting too much paper.
  4. I’ve found sitting next to the children when they were learning how to use the paints and demonstrating how to dip the brush in the water, then in the paint, then use the brush to make marks on the paper works wonders. It’s also important to show your little one that each time we use a new colour, we need to wash the brush in the water and then wipe off the remaining water on the dabbing cloth
  5. Remember that it’s not the end result that is important, it is the process and allowing your little one to express themselves in their own way.


Educational Websites:

Listen to a Story

Communication and Language:

Number Activities:

💡Timer fun..  This is great for getting children to understand about measuring time.   📱 Set the alarm  on your phone for 20 seconds and see what you can do before the alarm goes off…

  • How many times you can jump
  • How many bricks you  put on a tower
  • How many times you can run around the room.
  • …And of course wash your hands for the recommended time !

    Write down how many you did each time …can you improve? Who got more? Who got less?

    Alternatively set the timer  and see how long it takes
  • Run round the room 4 times
  • Complete an obstacle course in the house
  • Or even get dressed
  • Put the toys away and clear the room 

Write down the time and then see if you can improve ….


Websites :

Physical Development:

Make a necklace...

Make a pasta or a cherio necklace. Threading skills are a great way of developing your child’s hand eye coordination which is vital for writing later on.   If they find this too hard at the moment first try a pouring activity. Get a jug and various pots. Pouring with accuracy is a big achievement.

Make a obstacle course...

Why don't you build an obstacle course at home with your child? Its great for their physical development but also their language and problem solving skills https://www.bbc.co.uk/tiny-happy-people/building-obstacle-courses/zh7nv82

💡Hopscotch is a great way to include early maths in your play. Can your child draw or set out the hopscotch. You can use paper on the floor if you do not have a garden.

Add the numbers –you can write them and count together or you they can try to write their own numbers. This helps them see the purpose to numbers being in that order. Then you can try some number recognition, jump to the 3 ..hop to the 8 .. depending on their age and stage of development.


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